Website and App Development for all the media

November 2nd, 2017

The BMF developed eight new websites for the print media. The websites of the Bhutanese media were revamped and  newspaper -subscription feature developed. Besides, two apps (one each for Android and iOS) were developed for all the mainstream newspapers. The BMF also developed two new websites for FM radio stations out of three, except for Kuzoo FM for which minor changes were made. For the radio stations too, two apps (one each for Android and iOS) were develolped.

The ‘Websites and Apps for Print and Radio’ was launched on 29 June 2017. With the launch, the Bhutanese news consumers have the choice to be anywhere and be informed and entertained anytime through their smart mobile devices. Anyone with access to the Internet or mobile devices can access the different private media websites to update on the news and current affairs. Further, they have access to listen live programmes aired on 3 private FM radio stations based in Thimphu through the two apps-Bhutan News and Radiola (android and iOS) for free

Websites for both Print Media and FM Radio

Business Bhutan –

Bhutan Today –

Bhutan Times –

The Bhutanese –

The Journalist –

Druk Neytshuel –

Druk Yoedzer –

Kuensel (Dzongkha) –

Gyalchi Sarshog –

Radio Valley –

Yiga Radio –

Kuzoo FM–