Foster and strengthen professionalism

  • Create opportunities for short- and long-term studies and training within and outside Bhutan.
  • Support exchange programmes and links with training institutions, professional associations, research centres, and media organisations within and outside Bhutan.
  • Support in-country journalism and mass communication programmes in colleges and institutes.
  • Support participation in seminars, workshops, and conferences on issues related to the media.
  • Institute in-country scholarships for journalism studies to Bhutanese students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Engaging communities

  • Support media literacy and media education initiatives, with special emphasis on youth.
  • Create access to media and media literature to educational institutes and grassroots local organizations.
  • Support programmes that use technology to foster engagement.
  • Promote and support the involvement and empowerment of people in the utilisation of media for social change.

Support advocacy and policy

  • Uphold the rights of citizens to information, and freedom of expression and media.
  • Protect the rights of journalists, media houses, and their sources.
  • Safeguard editorial independence from authorities and proprietors.
  • Institute systems to recognise journalistic works.
  • Support media studies, audience surveys, researches, etc.
  • Contribute towards enabling environment for media development by supporting    review, amendment and enactment of existing Acts, Rules and Regulations, legislations and    policies and formulation of related legislations.

Promote media development

  • Support the establishment of relevant agencies that will address the challenges and issues faced by the media.
  • Strengthen partnership and cooperation among media agencies and other relevant partners by supporting and encouraging initiatives that allow media professionals from varied    background to interact, address common issues, advance professional skills and assist in the professional growth of the Bhutanese media.
  • Support initiatives in sustainable media business development