Dzongkha Newspaper Training (1-4 March)

March 1st, 2017

A comprehensive training programme on news reporting, writing, editing and grammar for journalists working for Dzongkha newspapers was held from 1 to 4 March in Gelephu in collaboration with Journalists’ Association of Bhutan. The training was aimed at exposing participants to basic journalistic principles and to build fundamental reporting and writing skills. These goals were pursued through lectures, discussions, experience sharing and practical exercises led by local resource persons who are bi-lingual and seasoned journalists. This course helped build a more effective media in Bhutan, especially the vernacular language press, by building independent, strong and professional Dzongkha editorial teams. The discussion on standardization of Dzongkha spellings amongst the Dzongkha Newspapers was also carried out. At the end of the workshop, through the feedback received, it is confirmed that 26 (9 female and 17 male) journalists working in the Dzongkha newspapers had acquired skills and knowledge necessary to provide a better content for the National language newspapers.